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Why is Instagram Business Account Access the best way to track account performance?
Why is Instagram Business Account Access the best way to track account performance?

Find out why you need to act now to ensure you're accessing the optimal breadth of Insights from Instagram.

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Have you supercharged your insights yet? ⚡

Insights for Instagram Accounts are evolving and refining, and fast! Have you made sure you're ahead of the pack with access to the latest metrics?

Insta's recent Business Account API extension, this is now the only place you can obtain smarter insights for Stories, Page and Post level Reach/Impressions, Clicks and more!

Why you shouldn't delay any longer with your upgrade to Instagram Business Account access:

Instagram are in the process of deprecating their first API (meaning high volumes of their historical data provision is likely to disappear industry-wide), in order to replace it with something bigger, faster and stronger in 2018 (Instagram's Graph API)

For the time being, this deprecation of their initial data product will see absences of key metrics and indicators.

Therefore, it's vital that you give your team the optimal breadth of metrics and indicators moving forward, make sure you have upgraded all the owned accounts you have admin access to Instagram Business Account Access in Locowise.

How to upgrade to Instagram Business Account Access:

a) Upgrade your brand's Instagram account to a 'Business Account' via the Mobile App Settings

b) Add your Instagram Business Account to your Facebook Business Manager account via Business Settings / Instagram Accounts

c) Ensure you as an Individual are classed as a Page Admin in the people section.

d) Authenticate any existing Instagram Accounts with your new Business API in Locowise access via the grey button in your Report Builder profile name card.

Got any queries? No problem! Simply drop us a line via livechat and I'll help you make your Instagram Account Insights the best they can possibly be!


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