Please head to Twitter analytics, download the CSV file and upload the data to Locowise by clicking on the arrow next to your Twitter profile in the Report section.

To upload the native impression file from Twittter: 

  1. Make sure you're logged into the Twitter account you're uploading impression data for in a separate tab
  2. Run through your main browser URL bar
  3. Select the Tweets tab at the top of the screen
  4. Using the date range selector, make your preference and there should then be an option to export via CSV file
  5. Once that's downloaded head back over to the 'Report' tab of Locowise
  6. You'll see a small clickable upload symbol in the rectangular area surrounding your desired Twitter account. Here, you'll be able to either drag/drop or manually upload the CSV. Within 10 minutes, all lifetime post level impression data for said account will be accurate to real time based on the date ranges selected.
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