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A 40 minute 'keep forever' product walkthrough from Locowise pro-user in his 4th year on the platform.

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The ultimate introduction to Locowise. Report like a boss in just 40 minutes.

This 40 minute tutorial from Locowise pro-user Jon Dickson covers 6 of the main reporting and optimisation features available on the platform.


1. Building, customising and automating page level reports in Report Builder
2. Analysing content in Content Drilldown
3. Building campaign reports with the Batch Labels button
4. Automating, self-building, professional grade social reports (including all charts and textual commentary) using Social Audits and natural language processing
5. Setting up a Live Dashboard that updates based on real-time social data progression 6. Cohort Analysis with Benchmarker and Leaderboard

Got any additional queries? No problem, simply email support@locowise.com and a member of the team will follow up within 24 hours!

*Please note Passcode for Video is 0332*


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