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How to invite a colleague to your Locowise account.
How to invite a colleague to your Locowise account.
Learn how to add other users to your account and begin building up your Locowise team.
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To add your team members to Locowise, please follow these steps. Remember, the number of users you can add to your account is unlimited and comes at no additional cost to your subscription.

  1. Select your circular display pic in the top right hand corner of your screen (you must be logged in).

  2. Select Collaborate from the dropdown options.

  3. You will immediately be met with an entry form to provide details of your colleague's first name, surname and email address. Enter this info and select whether you want them to assigned as an Admin on the account (full visibility of profiles/functionality) or a User (restricted access to certain profiles and features).

  4. Press the green Invite Now button and an email will be sent to your colleague prompting them to set up their own individual password. They will then have access to the account based on your preferences.

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