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How do I control team member access and visibility of specific profiles?
How do I control team member access and visibility of specific profiles?

A quick guide to editing your team members visibility of particular clients and their competitors.

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Locowise teams come with unlimited team members and this naturally is one of the reasons we're the platform of choice for brand side and agency teams with multiple profiles to track and report on.

However, sometimes it can become overcrowded in-app, especially if you're seeing profiles tracked by your colleagues that are of no direct relevance to the work you need to do!

Do not panic! By accessing the 'Collaborate' section of your account settings, you're able to control the profiles and saved reports you and your team are able to see.

1. Start by hovering over your circular display pic in the top right hand corner of your screen and select 'Collaborate'

2. Select the blue 'Edit' button which is situated towards the bottom of yours or your colleague's name card.

3. You'll be presented with prescriptive lists of every social profile (owned and competitor) currently tracked by the account for each social channel, as well as hashtags , saved custom reports and FB Ads accounts. 

All there is left to do here, is select the social channel icons and tick/un-tick the profiles you want to be visible or not, before selecting the large green 'Save Changes' bar. Your preferences will instantly update for that specific user on the team and will keep pages such as your Report Builder tidy and relevant to your work!

You're all set!

Please note: If for any reason you cannot see a Collaborate section via your dropdown, or cannot find the blue edit button under yours/your colleague's name cards, this means you have been given 'User' status rather than full 'Admin' status on your Locowise account. 

In the event of this, please reach out to your Locowise team's primary Admin to request full team administrative permissions, or contact our live support team to find out who your Primary Admin is!

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