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How do I add additional profile slots to my account?
How do I add additional profile slots to my account?
Learn how to purchase additional profile slots using our Profile Packs tool.
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With our self-service Profile Packs tool, you have all the flexibility you need to add new profile slots whenever you need to track additional social profiles, and remove them when no longer needed. 

  1. Open your Settings menu in Locowise by hovering your mouse over your profile picture at the top right.

  2. Select 'Account'.

  3. Click 'Add Profile Packs' from the menu on the left side.

  4. Choose the number of profiles you would like to add by using the +/- buttons in the 'Select Quantity' column. You can combine packs to get the exact number of profiles you need. 

  5. Press 'Next' to review your order and confirm your purchase.

For example, the screenshot below shows the configuration you would choose if you wanted to add 26 profiles:

Note #1:
The above method is for customers paying with credit card. If you are paying for your subscription via direct billing, please reach out to our accounts team at in order to purchase additional profile slots. 

Note #2:
If you are on an annual subscription, the Profile Packs tool will automatically add new profiles on an annual basis, prorated according to your billing cycle and with a 20% annual discount. If you would like to add the profiles on a monthly basis, please reach out to our accounts team at and we will arrange this for you.  

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