How to build a Custom Report

Build reports with any combination of charts and profiles across different social channels.

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Custom Reports in Locowise allow you to choose the charts that go into your report, combine several profiles across different social channels into one report, and re-arrange the layout and order of your charts. 

1) Head to the Report Builder section of Locowise and click the Custom Report (purple clipboard) icon in the row of social icons. You will see a 'Build A Custom Report' button, as well as any previously saved custom reports.

2) Click the 'Build A Custom Report' button and you will be greeted with a menu showing all of your available profiles. Select the profiles that you would like to include in your report. Once you have made your selections, click Next. 

3) You will now see a menu where you can choose the charts to include in your report. Use the clickable list of chart categories on the left hand side to view all of the available charts. Select the charts you would like to include, then click Run.

4) Locowise will now run your custom report, including all of the profiles and charts that you selected. The row of buttons at the top left will allow you to tweak and edit your report. You can re-arrange the charts using the Drag-n-Drop function, or use the Layout function to create multi-column arrangements (e.g. two columns side by side). Click the pencil icon to edit the name of your report. 

And that's it! Once your custom report has been created, it will be saved and available in Report Builder. Simply click the purple Custom Report icon to view your saved custom reports and open them with one click. 

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