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Audience Timeline (Facebook - Owned Profiles)
Audience Timeline (Facebook - Owned Profiles)

Learn how the Audience Timeline metrics are defined.

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Audience: The number of total Page likes.

New Fans: The number of new people who have Liked your Page during the selected time period. 

Lost Fans: The number of people who have Unliked your Page during the selected time period. 

Unique Fans: The change in the number of total Page likes during the selected time period.

Organic: Page likes received from organic sources.

Paid: Page likes received from a Sponsored Story or Ad pointing to your Page.

Note: In theory, the number of Unique Fans gained should equal "New Fans minus Lost Fans". However, this is rarely the case; Facebook regularly adjusts the total audience (for example, when deactivating invalid/inactive Likes) which gets reflected in the total audience, but not in the number of New Fans or Lost Fans.

For more information on Facebook metrics, please refer to the following FB developer resource:

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