Engagement (Facebook - Owned Profiles)

Learn how the Engagement metrics are defined.

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Note: Metrics shown in this section are derived from page level daily values

Posts: The number of posts published to the Page during the selected time period. 

Unique Users: The number of unique users who have liked, clicked, commented, viewed a video or shared a piece of content. 

Engagement: The number of times people engaged with your page by clicking on any of the content without generating a story

Stories: Items that appears in a user’s newsfeed when their friend interacts with a Page or its content. E.g. “Jake commented on a post from Locowise.”

The following actions can generate stories: 

  • liking a post 

  • liking a comment 

  • commenting on a post 

  • commenting on a comment 

  • sharing a post 

  • answering a question/”poll” 

  • responding to an event 

  • claiming an offer 

  • posting on the page wall 

  • mentioning the page in a post 

  • tagging the page in a photo 

  • checking in at your place/page 

  • sharing a check-in deal 

  • liking a check-in deal 

  • writing a recommendation 

  • liking a page

For more information on Facebook metrics, please refer to the following FB developer resource: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/graph-api/reference/v2.8/insights

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