How do I create Locowise Social Audits?
Learn how to build your Brand and Content Audit and how the scores are calculated.
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To create your own Social Audit, please follow the below steps:

Step 1. Choose one or more Social Audits that you would like to build, either Brand, Content or both.

Step 2. Choose your Primary Brand. Here, you will be able to select one of your already added owned brands.

Step 3. Choose up to seven Rival Brands to compare against. Search to find new profiles too. Here you will be able to select any already added benchmark profiles or add up to 7 new rival brands to compare against. Please note that profiles added here DO NOT count towards your profile limit. 

Step 4. Upload your logo and select your color theme. Here you can select either night or day theme based on your preferences.

Step 5. Schedule your monthly Social Audit to be sent by email by completing all three fields.

And finally just send! It is that simple.


Intelligence behind the scores

If you are wondering how Locowise calculates the scores for your Social Audits, here is an overview of all the factors taken into account:

With our proprietary Locowise scores, we focus on the leading indicators of a high performing effort and give you an instant and accurate score from 0 to 100.

Brand Scores:

We look at 4 main areas relative to the landscape (comparing vs. the pages in the landscape)

  1. The growth of the page

  2. Activity (number of posts)

  3. Sentiment

  4. Engagement (this is the most heavily weighted factor)

Post Scores:

  1. We look at the size of the page

  2. We look at the engagement the post gets

  3. Shares and comments are weighted more heavily than likes

  4. Scores are relative to competitor posts

Keyword Scores:

  1. We have an AI tool that scans images and finds the keywords from the image

  2. We also look at the words in the post copy

  3. We combine these things together and get a list of keywords

  4. Then we look at the performance of posts that include the keywords

  5. Scores are relative to the other keywords

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