With our proprietary Locowise scores, we focus on the leading indicators of a high performing effort and give you an instant and accurate score from 0 to 100.

Brand Scores:

We look at 4 main areas relative to the landscape (comparing vs. the pages in the landscape)

  1. The growth of the page
  2. Activity (number of posts)
  3. Sentiment
  4. Engagement (this is the most heavily weighted factor)

Post Scores:

  1. We look at the size of the page
  2. We look at the engagement the post gets
  3. Shares and comments are weighted more heavily than likes
  4. Scores are relative to competitor posts

Keyword Scores:

  1. We have an AI tool that scans images and finds the keywords from the image
  2. We also look at the words in the post copy
  3. We combine these things together and get a list of keywords
  4. Then we look at the performance of posts that include the keywords
  5. Scores are relative to the other keywords

Sentiment Scores:

For a detailed description of our Sentiment Analysis methodology, please refer to the following article:


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